BN Report: July

Posted on 2020-06-27 20:26

Upon the creation of this blog, I always wonder as to what I will put here, code updates? life updates? or...something else? Lots of ideas comes up on my mind, but I decided to do something that is a bit related to life updates... but for my life as a Beatmap Nominator. Let's call it...BN Report!

What? BN Report?

Yes! A monthly BN activity report blog for updates from the stuffs I do as a Beatmap Nominator! But I would like to try to showcase some cool maps that I have nominated too, and pour my thoughts into it, similar to how osu!'s spotlight works. I would like to let everyone knows about what I've been doing in a month, and also share my thoughts on things happening.
Aside from that, updates about my requests site will also be listed here!

Will you be reacting to dramas in this blog though?

No. I usually keep my opinions on dramas in a closed space, but sometimes I also pour my thoughts in my Twitter, but it doesn't happen often.

Why are you doing this?

I'm bored, I guess. I also want to learn how to write things too as I am horrible at it.

Well, without further ado, let's go to the main point of this post, the report itself!

BN Report: Last week of May and June

Last week of May and June is in one post because I want to start right after my last evaluation, which happens last month.

Alright! Last week of May and June has been quite a ride for me, coding the requests site, doing bn work, etc. It's quite hard to manage my time but I did it. So, let's get started with the updates from the site itself!

Requests Site Updates

  • You can now see when did your request got updated.
  • Multiple requests is now disabled. This is due to the fact that people seem to abuse this and just send all of their maps to me. Leaving feedback for all of them seems very redundant to do especially if such overaching issues is present to all of the maps.
  • "My requests" page is now using table instead of card. I'm sure you all don't like hovering to the "Why?" button everytime you see your map gets rejected. This will change in the future to use popups, it's still in the works.
  • Pagination is now available. Yes, we all don't like to see a billion maps in one page. It also consumes an unnecessary amount of memory to hold them.
  • You can now see the maps that is going to get nominated and it's status.
  • Multi-nominator support is here. Hell yes, this site is now work with more than one nominator! If you're a nominator and would like to use this site, feel free to contact me! At the moment, Raiden is now another valid option for the site.

Speaking of requests site--It is now open for reqs for the next 24h!

Nominator Life

The past 2 months has been quite a ride, I saw a lot of request with a huge variety of styles and genres, and I must say, it was nice to see more genre other than "Anime Japanese"! It feels really freshing to see that there are more and more of non-Japanese things coming to me, as I'm fine with any genres.

So far, I have nominated 15 maps in the past 5 weeks, a pretty decent number I'd say, considering in the past I've been quite dead in the BNG, and being active again is quite nice. I'm looking forward to have better activity and be more consistent.


And of course, here are the maps that I feel like they're quite cool to look at!

Tove Styrke - Change My Mind [Mint + schoolboy]

Mint (formerly known as appleeaterx) is back again with a simple, yet really pleasing to play map, but this time they have schoolboy with them, which makes it even more interesting! The slow slider velocity on top diff and how they structure their maps looks pretty satisfying to play and look at. I absolutely recommend you to play the set if you're looking for some easy snappy-aim challenge!

100 gecs - ringtone (remix) [Haruto + smh + Ancelysia + tomadoi + Agatsu]

Haruto, tricolor (aka tomadoi), Agatsu, smh, and Ancelysia brings out a banger by 100 gecs to the ranked section, with each diffs having its very own style, that makes the gameplay quite unique to play for each of their own.
Added to that, we see two new names in the ranked section, with smh and Ancelysia having their first ranked difficulty in this game! I hope to see more of them in the future!

Plutian - Until the Blue Moon Rises [ktgster]

ktgster has always been quite a unique mapper, trying to do new things in each of their own map, and this is no exception! We see low AR diffs that is quite unique for current era to get ranked, with the top diff being AR0, making everything looks like it's slapped on your monitor. This makes quite a challenging experience, especially for those of you who aren't familiar with low AR to read the map. If you're quite new to reading low AR, you could use this map as your training point, as the map itself is actually really simple and very straightforward to read.

That concludes my first post for this monthly blog post! I will try do this consistently for every last week of the month. But for now, I'll see ya guys in the next post!